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[NA] [EU] Verocity Gaming Competitive Recruitment (C2/3) (GC)

Kurtz_Murks_incKurtz_Murks_inc Member Posts: 17 Rookie
Verocity Gaming is looking for the right players to compete alongside our current competitive players.
Looking for Champ 2/3 for lower level squad and GC for uppers. Both NA and EU.

You can check out our recruitment video here: https://youtu.be/zF51Qk-uQ3E

Verocity has a dedicated leadership team. We are a focused, organized team looking for members that contribute to that same mentality.
ESL, 6 mans and any other formal competitive play experience is a plus!
If you think you have what it takes to represent Verocity sign up to try out!

C2, C3 and GC players can sign up for competitive play by going to https://www.VerocityGaming.com > go to the Gaming tab > select Competitive Gamer

C1 and lower ranks are welcome to sign up for our casual gaming community and network / train with the team to reach competitive ranking and have the opportunity to be reviewed.
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