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I D2 JUNGLER I LFT - Tryouts

GRedGRed Member Posts: 2 Rookie

ELO: 2 years in a row between Master-D3
EXPERIENCE: 4 months playing with an amateur team in Circuito Tormenta + 2 years playing in oguniversity (I reached the regional final)
20 Years old
ABOUT ME: I'm a 1v9 player or an inter because I try plays with high risk/ high reward every time. Coinflip most of the time. 0 Toxic. High skilled. My early game is much better than in my late game (30+min).

I'm from Spain.
I have some lacks of vocabulary in English but I definitely talk without problems

Looking for Academy / ArenaGG / Domino's etc

Add me for more info.
Muchas gracias :)

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