TREMOR Recruitment

Hello i'm looking for people to recruit for my new team. Rank is not a problem so feel free to dm me if you are intrested


  • VilisVilis Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Gt- lil peeppp
    I’m com banned rn so when or if you invite me I’ll be talking on Hi I’m banned
  • BearBear Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Can I join 
    Discord is DistinctNA#2203
  • civicdrakecivicdrake Posts: 5Member Rookie
    Im looking for a team would love to be a content creator if you want one on xbox
  • Komet-TruthKomet-Truth Posts: 5Member One post wonder
  • PopsockitPopsockit Posts: 5Member Rookie
    Interested dm me.
    Gt: popsockit
  • Teebs1999Teebs1999 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Interested, DM pls
    GT: RomanLearner
    Disord: RomanLearner#9744
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