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Guess the Player: The Best Night Elf Player Ever

AryannaLaoAryannaLao RookiePosts: 19Member Rookie
edited May 16 in General (English)
During his peak, his innovative Night Elf strategies prompted the community to label him as the 'Fifth Race', since his revolutionary Night Elf play was distinguishable from that of the other races.
Can you guess who this player is?


  • Wonton678Wonton678 Rookie Posts: 17Member Rookie
    Is it Moon? I saw the list of regional finals of Warcraft 3 and I found him there! What an amazing lad, rooting for him to win this time :smiley:
  • feitanfeitan Rookie Posts: 16Member Rookie
    I guest its Moon, He is seen by many as the best Night Elf player in the world.
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