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Looking for Grand Champs [EU][STEAM]

RooveRRooveR Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
Hey i am Leroy 20 y/o and from the Netherlands.
I am looking for like minded players who want to dedicate their free time to Rocket League. I am looking for players that are tryhard but also fun to play with.

What do i expect from the team?
-Practice daily together in 3v3 ranked and scrims
-Play weekly tournaments together to get experience 
-Time schedule
-Fun! one of the most important things in any game!
-Saving replays and analyzing those
-Good mindset, and not crying about games but work on what we can do better next time

What i expect from you:
-Person who can handle criticism
-Above the age of 16
-Fluent in english and a working microphone
-Good attitude, and fun to play with

Disclaimer if you're not a grand champion or below the age of 16 do not respond to this message
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