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Some backstory before the main part: I made this team by myself since the past month or so has been hard to find any new teams that are recruiting; since RLCS has already taken off.

Now, onto the main part. This team is new and looking for players, mainly ranks between Champ 1 - GC, This is a dedicated team and I am prepared to see us go through multiple tournaments, whether they be community, ESL, or RLCS
There will be tryouts held next week; Sunday, April 19th after completing an application which has such guidelines below


Time zone:
Region: NA
Competitive Experience (Have you been on any previous teams?, experience in tournaments, etc.):
Days you are available:
Do you have a mic?:
Current RL rank:
Highest RL rank:

After completing the application, friend and message me your completed application on discord at; Savantre#5508 where you will get the discord link where the tryouts will be held. For more information about tryouts or any question that comes to your mind, feel free to ask me whenever
Lastly, if you are any rank below Champ 1, feel free to add me and if enough people around your rank decide to put in an application, I'm willing to create a B team to compensate

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