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LF1 C3+ UE-WEST or east

AD_WyvernAD_Wyvern Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Our team is GC in 2s and currently lower GC in 3s, we need a person among those ranges for future tournaments and participate in the next qualifiers of the RLRS.
We could really accept ranges a little lower, the important thing is that you are aiming at a professional level and play almost every day to make a good team game. Console or pc
Discord: Nero#0274


  • Kurtz_Murks_incKurtz_Murks_inc Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    If you dont have luck finding another we have several high champs and GC's trying out now: Head to www.verocitygaming.com go to gaming tab, competitive gamer and sign up!
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