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[EU] We are looking for 1 more GC Player

EkveelEkveel Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Hello everyone,

my name is Eko and co-founder of Paranormal Gaming. We are an e-sports organization from germany and have recently created a Rocket League team. 
We currently have GC players around 1500MMR and are looking for another player around that skill level

  • Age: atleast 15 or older
  • Has to speak english
  • GC level (if you're only C3 and are confident enough to be able to hold your own against GC Players hit me up as well)
We aim to participate in the Rocket League Open Qualifier and the Nitro League.
The Nitro League is a german Rocket League proscene which plays each season in weekly matches. You have to be able to participate here as well on a weekly basis.

If you're interested or have questions to us feel free to message me on Discord or add me on Steam:

Discord: Eko#1514
Steam: Ekveel
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