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DRGN Gaming [EU] searching for Grand Champions

DiamondJ_CSDiamondJ_CS Member Posts: 14 Rookie
Hello everyone, my name is Jarco and I'm the owner of DRGN Gaming.

We are looking for the best players possible as our goal is to go pro with different gaming teams. A few days ago we have finished our PUBG squad and are now looking to add a Rocket League team to our org.

For those interested in the players of our PUBG squad can take a look at their profiles here so you have a general idea of who the people we sign are:
https://twitter.com/Orhun_B (Coach)
https://twitter.com/Ab1ldgaard_PUBG (Player)
https://twitter.com/EmilNC1 (Player)
https://twitter.com/PubgScrubby (Player)
Dodo (Player)

If you are interested to join us, you will get a contract with some basic information about the org, rules to keep yourselves to, etc.

Player payments are not applicable at this moment since we are still in our start up, but our goal is to pay our players when they win tournaments and when we get sponsors



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