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[NA] [PC] Flow State is Recruiting - Competitive Community with Coaching! Champ-GC

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Flow State is recruiting players ~ Champ-GC. Primarily PC NA players.

We are coaches dedicated to improving esports performance and we're looking for players with a similar improvement mindset. With our experience/knowledge in traditional sport coaching and sport psychology, our goal is to foster growth for you as players as well as for us as coaches.

I am a professional tennis coach/sport psychology coach and have worked with many high ranked juniors for several years. I will also be working with collegiate teams as a sport psychology trainer and coach consultant this coming year.

We are looking for players who are committed to consistent, focused practice and analysis in order to improve. They should take criticism well, using mistakes/failures as motivation to improve. They should be willing to take control of their own growth and hold a firm belief in their ability to get better with proper training.

We will:
- Help to find a group of similar level players in the community to practice/compete with.
- Post weekly practice topics with drills/training to work on specific mechanics/strategy by yourself or with your team.
- Host regular coaching nights to practice, scrim, do drills, etc.
- Assist in forming serious teams for competition/tournaments

Please join our Discord if you're interested. Then message me (Kissy) to let me know so we can set up a time to interview/tryout https://discord.gg/wZyZ3PP
Please fill out this application prior to your interview: https://airtable.com/shruppd7RWEuQGT87


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