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WhiteNoise ESports, Looking for players for R6 Team



  • GalacticVoid367GalacticVoid367 Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    Uplay Name: Void.HEXED

    Discord Name: Void.HEXED

    Current rank: Copper III (please let me explain before you look over me)

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?

    I have no team to play with and I solo que rank over and over again with no luck in teammates. I play like a gold player but am restricted by lack of people to play with. I am a veteran from console ranking Gold 1, 6 seasons in a row and moved to pc to grow. I've been playing r6 since velvet shell and am extremely dedicated to this game. I am a very calm player when forced into outnumbered odds and work very well with the players I come across. I am tired of losing and am looking for a team that shares the same fire I do. Please give me a chance. I know my rank says otherwise but I am a truly skilled player with great map knowledge and an open mind to learn. I play every single day in hopes to improve myself and help others get there too.
  • BobBob Member Posts: 8 Rookie
    UPLAY name: UPLG.Bob (Former team name, left because I'm looking for something bigger)

    Discord name: send dudes#0549
    Current Rank: I am silver 1 (Even though I am in silver, in previous teams I played with/against high platinums and diamonds)

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    -I have alot of comp. experience, more than 1500 of gameplay and am already known with teamwork. I'm not toxic and I want to grow as fast as possible and also high. I'm trying to find a team serious and good enough to grow with me and for me to grow with them.
  • SlawthSlawth Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Hi my name is slawth and i am looking for an esports team! I am currently 16 so not old enough to play in any official tournaments yet but i am atleast looking to be a content creator, if there are any unofficial tournaments that i would be in that would be great, im mainly looking to not solo que anymore for ranked since i can't go into any OFFICIAL esports leagues yet
    Discord: Slawth#7629
    Uplay: Dotty.r6

  • VesperVesper Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Robinn_2k (Instagram)
    Anyone can be a pro player if they're modelled and they keep succeding in it.
    But not a lot of people adimt their mistakes and realise how teammwork works, dm me.
  • YuvaLeviYuvaLevi Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    YuvaLevi#1554 p3,2 soft/hard support/flex/secondary fragger
    BadaB1ng#8884 p2,1 entry fragger/flex

    we come as a coordinated duo with tons of chemistry looking for a good team to excel our skill level
    we both are plat yet we have no team to help us get to diamond
    we have played against diamond t1 teams and champs who wanted us in their team but at the end something didnt work out so we are still looking for a team whos looking to go pro
  • Jay.GzJay.Gz Member Posts: 9 Rookie
    edited January 31
    Uplay: DinMandoDjarin

    Discord: TheActualMandolorian#7846

    Current Rank: gold 2. I solo q to plat 3 every season for the last 8 season not every time was on this account (not a big deal, but just so you know) Im at the point where I get close to plat 2 but never break through, solo q is tough lol

    What Qualities make you fit for a competition team?

    I am mature. I have played with a few "teams" now so I understand how peoples egos can get in the way. I understand the need for a team to buy into the same system, and set aside their personal viewpoints about the game. When you are playing as a team, particularly in any kind of comp scene you have to adhere to some kind of format and belief system about the game. I am willing to adhere to a system and practice to become competent at any job required of me within that system, as well as contribute my own philosophy about the game to build that system up.

    I don't think many  people are realistic about what getting better at the game looks like, but feel as though I am of the right demeanor to improve at this game. Every one thinks they are the best at this game and that makes it hard to find people who are realistic, or not delusional about their abilities. So back to what makes me a good fit, I'm the guy that does his job and makes a play when everything else failed, not when I want to prove how good I am, or better than other people I am. I absolutely never quit or "save k/d", I always go for what I feel is the highest chance of a W. Consistency is what I strive for, not glory. I will wait for my teammates to get better at their jobs, and help them improve, and hope that they will do the same for me, because it can be really hard to play as a unit and it takes serious time and commitment to play the game in a way other than how we usually all play ranked.

    To summarize, my maturity, my belief system about the game, and my commitment to reality and consistency.
  • King JordanKing Jordan Member Posts: 11 Rookie
    UPLAY name: KingJordan

    Discord name: King Jordan #2858

    Current Rank: Gold II

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team? Ive been playing r6 since skull rain so i have a lot of experience and map knowledge. Im 28 yo and not toxic. I try to be unpredictable when i play. but im also a team player and can be flexible on which operator to play. I just want to play this game at the highest level waiting for someone to give me a chance.
  • SparkZzoSparkZzo Member Posts: 8 Rookie
    UPLAY name: SparkZzo

    Discord name: SparkZzo#7387

    Current Rank: Gold 3

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?

    I am a player that can keep a cool head and look at the situation from all angles. I want to progress and have motivation to do so. I will take advice on board and listen to my IGL to make sure everything is executed correctly. Being at the bottom isn't an option and I always want to progress as high as I can. 
  • Vlad8767575Vlad8767575 Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    UPLAY name: Vlahavr

    Discord name: Vlahavr8767575#4882

    Current Rank: Gold 1

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?

    I have good experience in competitive games. Hardworking, ready for difficult training, rather stubborn, I always go to the end and squeeze the maximum, I strive to improve my skill. During the game, I always try to provide useful information for the team!
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