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WhiteNoise ESports, Looking for players for R6 Team

IndigoIndigo Member Posts: 16 Rookie
Hello. I am one of the team captain for team White Noise. I am looking for players who want to succeed, who want to learn, who share the same dream of being in Proleagues as I do. I am looking for those who are gold and above.

White Noise is a sponsored eSports organization actively getting bigger by the day with dedicated management. We have an excellent CSGO team and now we are trying to do the same with Rainbow Six. 

As one of the team leaders, I will be holding interviews, practices, scrims with our other R6 roster and more.

Please fill out the following if you are interested:

UPLAY name:

Discord name:

Current Rank:

What qualities make you fit for a competition team?



  • RewindcmdRewindcmd Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Type your commentUPLAY name: rewindcmd.dll

    Discord name: DRCJr

    Current Rank: Gold IV

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    made it to gold in a day. 30 years old defensive player. mature looking for some sort of competition to hype the gamestyle.

  • BloodHawkBloodHawk Member Posts: 1 One post wonder

    Discord Name: BloodHawk#5730

    Current Rank: Gold III

    What qualities Make you fit for a competition team?
    I'm self motivated to be better and I'm willing to grind and play whatever the team needs. I'm 16 but willing to put in the hard work and dedication to the game that it takes to make it to the top. I'm able to flex to any role , whatever the team needs me to do I'm willing to do and perform.
  • Fanu_Fanu_ Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    UPLAY Name: Fanu_

    Discord Name: Fanu_#9631

    Current Rank: Platinum3/2
  • Fanu_Fanu_ Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    I'm a 17 player with a lot of experience on PS4 (I won quite few tournaments) here on PC me and my team reached the second place on the GO4EU. I want to win to reach the best position that i can, I accept critics for grow up and I am not that guy that scream if something happen, so i hope you will be interested on me.

  • fattytreerootsfattytreeroots Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    UPLAY name: fattytreeroots

    Discord name: fattytreeroots#5077

    Current Rank: Gold IV/III

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    I am 16 and I love the game. I am always searching for ways to improve my game. I am chill and keep my calm in situations. I have always wanted to find a more competitive twist with a full squad/team. I am willing to play any position and hope you consider me.
  • EraserRainEraserRain Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    UPLAY name: EraserRain.UC

    Discord name: Michael#5917

    Current Rank: Gold 4

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    I currently playing competitively at the collegiate level. I may not be the best player on the team, but I am always looking to try new things, and willing to learn new skills. 
  • Ethn.Ethn. Member Posts: 25 Rookie
    Name - eth_n. 

    Discord - ethan_mcd19

    Current Rank - Silver 1 (I know that looks bad, I was Gold 2 last season, I screwed up my placements with solo q'ing, BUT I 100% still perform as a Gold, just need the cast to support me)

    Why I Fit - This is where I work, first I am 16 and willing to put in all the time, Rainbow is all I play, also I play support/flex, meaning I fit in with everyone's play style, which is crazy helpful for a team setting (ex. id be like the Goga of g2) 

    Question? - Does WhiteNoise participate in any sort of "amateur/competitive rainbow tournaments and/or events?
  • Tactics.TQMTactics.TQM Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    UPLAY name: NM4Y.TacTico

    Discord name: NM4Y.Tactics#2361

    Current Rank:Gold 1 

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    I am a flexible player and just need a team to make up higher i am trying to take the game very serious because i want to actually become bro maybe someday.
  • kirchthemirchkirchthemirch Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Uplay name: k1rchism1rch

    Discord name: kirch#2618

    Current Rank: not ranked 

    "What qualities make you fit for a competition team?"-
    been playing siege ever since it's release in 2015, majority of my time playing siege 
    was on console but recently i jumped ships to pc, (on console) in year 3 season 4 & season 2 i was platinum 2 but i deleted my account. I would say i'm very mechanically skilled at the game and a very flexible player, and my dream is to win 

  • PuppersPuppers Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    UPLAY name:Lonelypuppy

    Discord name:Puppy#8598

    Current Rank:Gold 2

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?

    Hi, I'm Puppy currently Gold 2. I've been playing siege for the past couple of years on and off(mostly on). Recently I've been wanting to get more out of the game than what you can get out of just solo queing. Siege is a lot of fun, and a game with a lot of depth, but a lot of that depth is hidden behind team strategy that you just won’t get out of solo que. So I'm looking to join a 5-man team with an emphasis on learning and understanding the strategy of the game.

  • BABYBABY Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    UPLAY name: Viox_TV

    Discord name: Viox#2102

    Current Rank: Gold 3

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    Hello, I have been playing siege for a couple of years now and is the main game I have been playing in the last years, around a year ago i was in a go4 team and played, but i left it and took a break from siege a couple of month now i have been starting to play siege for around half a year again and have very been very interested to get into some competetive action again but also learn more and get better at the game. I was up in the platinum 3 and 2 befor and are slowly going for it again. Hope this is something you are looking for, Viox.
  • maxnash94maxnash94 Member Posts: 15 Rookie

    Discord name: NASH#2775

    Current Rank: GOLD 2

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team? hi ive been playing siege for about two years now on both ps4 and pc i would say i play at the highest level but get held back by solo queuing and unreliable teammates ive had experience in scrims and i mostly play ranked to help improve things i haven't quiet mastered yet. 
    look foreword to hearing back from you.

  • BannaBanna Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    Uplay name: Banna.LFT0

    Discord Name: Banna#6664

    Current rank Gold 2

    What qualifies me: Ive been playing R6 since operation Red Crow ive won a Go4 on xbox and had a rank of Diamond on xbox ive recently switched over to pc and have played in numerous Tms but no Go4 and ive been desperately searching for a team. Solo queuing is a big hardship[p and would love to beat it by playing a team environment. Im a very layed back and chill kinda guy I have great game sense and awareness im open to any sort of criticism and want a opportunity to play with people who share same qualities. I would love a tryout. I look foward to your reply. 
  • GoglzGoglz Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    UPLAY: Goglz.

    DISCORD: Goglz#9862

    RANK: Plat 2 

    I have over 2000 hours in this game and I have experience playing in a coordinated team before. my previous experience includes being on the team Elo Bandits. I am a good IGL and adapt to play styles quickly. I play mostly Support and Flex. Id like to meet you and talk more about what kind of players id be playing with and what you're preferred team comps are. I will be available to play on Fridays - Sundays and will do extensive reviews on every match we play. I have plenty of experience and will 100% help your team in what ever area it's needed.contact me and I will get back within 24Hrs.

  • vsrg-specvsrg-spec Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    UPLAY: The_SandwichMan

    Discord: Yamato#7239

    Rank: Gold 1

    I have been on a couple of competitive teams and have experience in Go4s and CCS qualifiers. i can handle criticism and not afraid of butting heads in order to get better as a group.
  • IluminesIlumines Member Posts: 9 Rookie
    UPLAY: BD.Ilumines
    Discord: Ilumines#8268
    Current rank: bronze 3 dropped ranks
    Highest rank: plat 3
    What qualifies me: I am a decent rainbow six siege player who has excelled at the game as I joined half way through grim sky and managed to get to gold one and the following season plat 3 I had a 2 month break however I feel I am better then ever but I haven’t been playing seriously this season but I intend to try go pro next season by taking it slot more seriously and training a lot more. Unfortunately I am only 13 which makes people not want to choose me as they believe I am not mature enough and won’t take it seriously however I take it very seriously and I believe I am quite mature.
  • Stistko.Stistko. Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    UPLAY name: Stistko.

    Discord name: Stistko#8121

    Current Rank: Gold 1

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team? I would say I'm a good player with a lot of motivation to learn, grind and practice as much as I can. I'm also pretty sure I could push my rank even furthuer but I'm not giving ranked mode that much importance, becouse I'm solo q most of the time. I want to go pro and just push until I get there and then push even more to keep immproving myself. I can adapt any playstyle and positions required, willing to learn any ops. Looking forward to your reply, I'm more than happy to answer any additional questions. Have a nice day :)

  • Raiden.XOTCRaiden.XOTC Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited May 2019
    Uplay name:

    Discord Name:

    Current rank:
    Xbox- Plat 3
    PC- Gold 1

    What qualifies me:
    I've been playing Siege since Operation White Noise. Know all maps well. I always strive to get better each game by learning my mistakes.
  • TreadTread Member Posts: 26 Rookie
    edited May 2019
    UPLAY name:
    Discord name:
    Current Rank:
    plat 3
    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    i have the drive to win and i tend to have a very competitive mindset
    played in USN quals got semis under a org called frostbyte
    i dont consider go4 being comp exp
    played in quals for ESA contender league 
    and US Las Vwgas minor quals today before i departed from my most recent team MiST
    DISCLAIMER: if this team does not consist of cl eligible players meaning 18+ 
    and have the same drive and skill to get to cl no disrespect but dont respond to me
  • SenpaiOreoSenpaiOreo Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    UPLAY name: Pog.BBG

    Discord name: !SenpaiOreo#4711

    Current Rank: Half way through Plat 3

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    Experience in competitive play such as GO4 ESA ESEA and working in team envirments.
  • THEGREENBEE750THEGREENBEE750 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Uplay name: THEGREENBEE751

    Discord name: THEGREENBEE750#9710

    Current Rank: gold 1

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?

    I have been playing rainbow since year one, but I never was able to play with a team and was stuck in high gold and low plat. I have always wanted to be on a team with people that will have the same motivation and drive to succeed.

  • sadsad Member Posts: 11 Rookie
    Uplay: sad.LFT

    Discord: Sh0nE#1714

    Current rank unranked but plat 3 almost plat 2 on other accounts

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?

    I have played on many teams and have a fair amount of comp experience in leagues, Go4s, CL quals and scrims with a little over 2k hours spread over a few accounts.
  • SamR6SamR6 Member Posts: 2 Rookie

    UPLAY name: Sami.R6

    Discord name: $ami#6152

    Current Rank: Plat 3 

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    Highly comp related player always want to succed with the team positive energy learn out of mistakes ready to put everything into the team

  • SpeedyAceSpeedyAce Member Posts: 19 Rookie
    Uplay: Flickery.
    Discord: SpeedyAce#6184
    Current rank: Gold 1

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    - always eager to learn something new have comp experience with other teams and hardworking
  • Krypton.IGKrypton.IG Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Uplay: Krypton.IG
    Discord: 3vilART__#8847
    Current rank: plat 3

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?
    - I am very flexible and adaptable to different situations in the game. Open to learning from mistakes and playing with a team.
  • DrakoxNightmareDrakoxNightmare Member Posts: 10 Rookie

    Discord name: NIGHTMARE#8328

    Current Rank: Plat 3

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team? Comp experience Positive always hungry to get better

  • DatBakedPotatoDatBakedPotato Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    UPLAY name: Mashed.GV

    Discord name: DatBakedPotato#3283

    Current Rank: Plat 2

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team? I played on my college teams R6 comp team for 1 year before they school decided to defund the program due to covid. We competed in 1 online collegiate tournament and placed 4th out of 20 teams while only being formed 2 months before. I would say I have quite good mechanical skills and am pretty good at clicking heads. I like to be the entry fragger/roamer on the team because I have a very aggressive, but skillful playstyle which I feel works quite well in the siege game. With my experience, I feel I would be a good fit because I know how to play under pressure in a tournament and think I could thrive with a well balanced team. Thanks.

  • OneRandomCowOneRandomCow Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    UPLAY name: www.newegg.com

    Discord name: Dangeruss#6794

    Current Rank: Gold II

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?: I have around 1,330 hours across all three of my accounts. Despite what my KD says, it is not a good representation of my actual skill. Until recently, I was not able to play on a good computer, so I was constantly playing on 20-30 FPS average. My seasonal KD is positive with a good amount of wins, and I solo queued myself to almost Gold 1. I want to join this team since I think this team can help me improve in-game (eager to learn). I've never actually figured out why I've never hit a higher rank than really high gold. I've been playing since velvet shell, and I desire victory, a cohesive team, and success in both ranked and comp leagues. 
  • FlickorniesFlickornies Member Posts: 21 Rookie
    UPLAY name: Sensyr.

    Discord name: Sensyr#3900

    Current Rank: Plat 2

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team? I've been playing siege since beta I have experience and i can make something happen on this team

  • TheRealVosqueTheRealVosque Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    UPLAY name: JuiceWxrld.

    (I recently sold my main account since I was in need of money and it wasn't a cheap one either. This is now the only account I have, and it belonged previously to a friend, however I have full access to it now).

    Discord name: 𝓨𝓪𝓼𝓱#0460

    Current Rank: I was a plat 3/2 on my main, the account I currently have I believe is in Gold 2, I haven't played ranked as I refuse to play without an assuring competent team

    What qualities make you fit for a competition team?

    I am hard working, dedicated, experienced in competitive gaming throughout many games, excelling knowledge of the game, overall a sturdy team player and reliable. Outgoing, always looking to diffuse any conflicts to ensure smooth teamplay, can be analytical if needed and am very open to constructive criticism.
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