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Clash of clans

Tony2214Tony2214 Posts: 2Member One post wonder
Does it even pay to play on here if u r not a maxed th12??


  • ChuskerChusker Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Do not know yet.  We entered the US open with a team including a th 11, and only one maxed before the last update.  We lost all 3 of our ladder matches, but there were Only 62 teams listed and several of those did not play.  Rules stated top 64 teams got prize money.  So if we get the prize money for being in the top 64, then yes it does pay to play even if you are not a maxed th12 in the open events.  

    the world championships, probably only if you are looking for some different base designs to copy as I think prize money is only top 8.
  • ZeusZeus Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Não falo inglês
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