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Clash Royale has arrived!

level99magikarplevel99magikarp Member Posts: 4 Rookie
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Clash Royale is still a fresh new face in the Esports scene. Is anyone familiar with who are the biggest players in the game? I wanna know who the Kobe is of the CR world.

It's nice to see such an awesome game getting the exposure and more tournaments it deserves.

Clash Royale held its King’s Cup back in 2016 and King’s Cup 2 back in 2017.


  • AryannaLaoAryannaLao Member Posts: 19 Rookie
    Clash Royale has pro leagues worldwide called the Clash Royale League. From what I know, the Top 3 teams of each Clash Royale League region will battle against each other in the 2019 World Cyber Games. This is different from the official Clash Royale tournament in WCG 2019 where other players (who are most likely to be not in the CRL) will be participating in.
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