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Tribal eSports Looking for players *EU

TribalTribal Posts: 33Member Rookie

Tribal eSports-Recruitment letter

Tribal eSports is a European Team looking to rebuild its self and make a Name among the best Teams in the Rainbow six Siege community and across Europe we are looking Players as this is a new Team for Rainbow six siege as a team we are hoping to re building what the team once was. Back in 2016 Tribal eSports was the leading team on Xbox and has won over 3 GO4s and has won 1 major league back in 2017 and looking for players with Good aptitude for  Rainbow six  and is able train 3-5 days a week for Scrims ,Tournaments ,rainbow six Ten mans  can bring something into the team the attributes we are looking for is a player that is always positive and Can take constructive criticism and is able to bounce back from anything weather That is a Ranked game where we are 0-3 down , someone who can also be positive and someone who is the In-game leader that Leeds the team and can make strategies based of the game and has map knowledge and can refuse to give up an is able to play any operator and Knows the default strategy’s off the map and can hold his/her own in a Completive seen  

The things we are looking for  we are looking for

·         Players who are confident in a gunfight and can look back on mistakes in a game from hindsight from point of view and is able to see what they’ve done wrong or how to improve to become better

·         Must have experience in the eSports scene and be professional as a team member and have a professional frame of mind and willing to learn new things

·         Must have been at an advanced level or rank to play at a semi-professional level  

·         Know how to use all the operators in an esports environment


for any future information contact us

·         discord-Tribal#8426

·         Twitter @Tribal_frosty

·         [email protected]



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