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Sway esports U18 academy looking for 2 support players(NA)

DarkzyDarkzy Posts: 7Member Rookie
edited March 21 in Recruitment (PC)
We are willing to give anyone a chance as long as you can prove to us you are worth the time. We are in need of someone who mains echo maestro and or smoke on defense and thatcher hibana and thermite on offense we can discuss more details on discord for more information add me on discord @bloo#7363 or my uplay @Bloo.Sway


  • DiE.RecTDiE.RecT Posts: 4Member Rookie
    I have added you. On both discord-DiE-RecT#3242    Uplay- DiERecT.--   or  ExP.SP
  • BlinkSBlinkS Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Im a support player but im only low plat
  • TreeTree Posts: 29Member Rookie
    I’m down to join... I think I can play most ops. TreeAthlete -Ubi
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