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CinCityCinCity Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
So due to the US open being a brand new thing, there are alot of rules that are very broad and open to interpretation. 
The only question I have is about use of a single account used on different devices.
A few months back my screen cracked and my phone was out of commission for a while. I would use a buddies phone at work to log on and do some looting here and there till i got mine fixed so i didnt fall drasticly behind.
This happened over 6 months ago and was for a short period of time. The person whose phone i used was a friend who is in my clan. We are putting a team together but want to make sure we wont be disqualified becuase in the past i have logged on to my account from his tablet.

A quick resonse would be appreciated. I have brought this up on discord to the admins but have not heard anything back yet and we are trying to start the ladder play tomorrow.
thanks! happy clashing!


  • Owen The FearedOwen The Feared Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    Hey CinCity. I've read and reread through the rules and many times and have not seen this addressed. I can't say for sure... but I think you would be fine as long as any device you play in the open with is a allowed mobile device and not a tablet. Inching our way closer toward understanding the rules.
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