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Rainbow Six Siege Tournements (XBOX EU)

ItsRxbboItsRxbbo Posts: 1Member Visitor
Hi, im Just wondering how the tournements work
Heres a few questions i would like to ask:
-What do you win of the open leauge tournements?
-How do we get put onto the ladder?
-What do you win of the major tournements?
 If you know the answers could you message me them please, thanks kai


  • MindOfKieMindOfKie Posts: 15Member, ESL Staff Rookie
    For open leagues/cups such as community cups there are usually no prizes, unless listed so on the page.
     No prize listed = no prize.

    You must sign up to join a ladder with your team, as long as you meet the requirements.

    In regards to Majors, different tournaments have different prizes.
     For example, winning Go4's have credits and a winner charm as well as being entered into the Monthly Finals.
    Kind Regards,
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