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[PS4] Cup / Tournament PS4 ?

Jeremyx84Jeremyx84 Posts: 2Member Rookie
Seriez-vous me dire quand seront annoncées les premières cup Apex sur PS4 ? Car nous attendons ça avec impatience.

Would you tell me when will the first Apex cups on PS4 be announced? Because we are looking forward to it.

Merci, Thank you


  • FiXFiX Posts: 6Member Rookie
  • FiXFiX Posts: 6Member Rookie
    any answer any info? anyone here?
  • Jeremyx84Jeremyx84 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    edited March 25
    NOTHING, as usual, they don't event bother to answer us

  • FiXFiX Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Nice... ESL is still the same, empty, quiet and boring...
  • FiXFiX Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Is anyone know another esport leauge where we can play apex on ps4, cause this ESL is Just waste of Time...
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