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Want to get competitive again. Any and all teams welcome.[PC] [NA] [LFT]

skwiddyRLskwiddyRL Member Posts: 5 Rookie
I'm a college student, 18 years old. I am a mid champion 3 player in 2v2s and 3v3s. Admittedly, I haven't played my placements this season, but I've been looking for an organisation for a while now, and was waiting for a team to play with. I have prior experience with small organisations, but both of the teams I found myself on ended up disbanded, whether it be from players quitting, or issues with the GMs. I'm looking for a way to get further into the competitive scene, and improve my play all around. The best way to get to me would be through a discord message (I've been getting a lot of friend requests from bot accounts lately). You can add me there by searching "SkwiddyRL - Twitch#4676", and shoot me a direct message. I'll get back to you as soon as I am able, and hopefully, your organisation will be the right fit for me!


  • hMICHELLEbhMICHELLEb Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Are you still looking for people to play?
    My husband is a C3.
    I’m wanting him to register for the DreamHack Pro Circuit in Dallas. Registration ends on the 17th. He needs a good team.
    Looking for him, because I wanted to surprise him for his birthday.
    Message me! Add me on steam, my username is hMICHELLEb
  • Kurtz_Murks_incKurtz_Murks_inc Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    Verocity Gaming is recruiting now. NA and EU for champ and GC. Head to www.verocitygaming.com go to gaming tab, competitive gamer and sign up! We'll reach out after receiving submission!
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