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grammar- how to say age range

TasnimTasnim Member Posts: 1 Visitor
Hi! I'm writing a profile bio for a job and I would like to say this is it correct? "I love working with children in such I've babysat my 4 siblings from when I was 7 years old and they are now ranged from 4 - 12 yr olds."
Thank you.


  • AryannaLaoAryannaLao Member Posts: 19 Rookie
    ...and they are now about 4 to 12 years old
  • Curry ohne KingCurry ohne King Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    edited November 2019
    I love working with children. I've babysat my four siblings since I was 7 years old.
    They are now about 4 to 12 years old (But I would not inculde that scentense) 
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