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Invincible Eyes is looking for skilled 1vs1 players

KorJawKorJaw Posts: 1Member One post wonder
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Invincible Eyes is looking for skilled 1vs1 players :)
We want build skilled team to push so many team-leagues/tournaments

What can we offer ?
- Practice/Trainings every week,
- Notifications about 1vs1 tourneys to play and check currently form,
- Friendly Enviroment
- Playing in leagues/tournaments
- In future bonus in money

How to join ?
- send message to - with Your hashtag of account, screen of Your record on Global Tournament and if You have some scores at tournaments so than You can too add this :)
- Must pass tryouts
- Need to have time, ambitions
- Good if You have nice scores in 1vs1 tournaments or at challenges, global tournaments
- You should have +15 wins, +5500 pb

Team Achievements
4th #crchampionsle (lost vs Outplayed @3rd place)

Contact / discord Korjaw#4743

Have a nice day ! GL HF 
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