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*EU king for Team i have ESL experance look at C.V

TribalTribal Posts: 45Member Rookie
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Play Gamer Tag: Tribal=frosty

Discord Name: Tribal#8426

Current Rank: Plat 2

Highest Achieved Rank: Plat 2


Reason for wanting to join: Trying to find a reliable organization that is willing to put their trust into me the same way I am willing to put my trust into the organization and improve myself and improve my mindset

Objective why  would I like to apply for your eSports team/Organisation

My experience – I have completive and semi-professional  experience with originations such as Conspiracy eSports which was the leading team in 2018 on CMG we were placed top 33th in the world on Xbox which I had  Starting Net worth of £7 and within one whole month I managed to turn it into £100  overall have around 190 days/ 4560 hours /6.25 months  on Rainbow six siege console and I have been a ESL member since 2016 I have had also experience with a well-known organization called 

Diamond x8

(Welsh gaming network) I have participated in some nearby eSports events I have had basic training in the GFX department and overall I have been in 24 eSports a community teams  and 2 organizations I also  have played for Meany different speaking teams such as

Teams I have played for



Danish Polish

Dutch               French

Why you should except me for your team

.. do I meet all the guidelines? If NO then why?: Yes, I believe that my skill set meets all guidelines above if you don’t think so then Fair enough however I will confinity tell you that ,you wont find anyone that puts a 100% in like I do I am reliable and will take Constructive Criticism on board I am a hard working gamer that will put 100% into the team and precise and train when ever I can with in reason obviously and have clear calls and is able to understand stations in order to win or clutch up the round for the team I can also give pre-emptive  calls based on sound and experience  I also have a YouTube channel with over 1k subscribes and I will always be looking for ways to improve my mindset and performance in and out of the game I can maintain a cal and collected mind set whilst in a clutch situation and I’m usually the positive guy that if we lose around wil say “we can win this and pull this back” or something along those lines I will tend to play Flexi or support player and support fragger 



My personal uPlay is Tribal-frosty my Gamertag is Tribal Frosty But I rarely use Xbox of now


I am about as serious about siege as one can possibly get, prior to sending in this request, I have been playing for a set of eSports teams an Organisations and I have took part in a Set of Charites events on their main roster /Sub roster main roster as the Shot as the second Caller/IGL Role and a support Frag  player in all situations required. To the Team at hand


I am looking to become the main roster player for your organization/Team, as I believe that I got what it takes to Succeed in a in a Semi-pro , Major Mindset my game knowledge meets the requirements of any player that you are looking into recruiting. 

Offensively, I play a Thermite/Thatcher/Twitch support player, defensively I play a Smoke and Valkyrie to the best of my ability. However, I can Change things up With a Fragger

·         I am 16 years old, so I fit this requirement of age for the main roster player

·         I consistently perform at the higher plat to diamond level caliber play that you are looking for

·         My K/D ratio as well as my W/L ratio are above the 1.0 cut off for a player for your team

·         From developing scratch my old team that was successful against top tier teams, I believe that my map knowledge is well above Intermediate level. I don’t leave go of my Microfine in that type of player always calling out  

.         Our team's schedule was 3 hours a day, each day of the week, so I am well prepared to put in at least 2-4 hours of work each day dedicated to siege. 

.         I am available to practice 6 days a week, and ready to play in tournaments on that 7th day every week. Or whenever we can

Please get back to me, as I truly believe that what this organization is doing could be what I need to take my skill to the next level, and with your support behind me, I truly believe that our potential together would be limitless.



Thank you for Reading Tribal/ Rhys  

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