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LFT me and my friend are plat 3/2 and we need team to try and climb (hopefully reach diamond)

brbr2002mehbrbr2002meh Member Posts: 2 Rookie
me and my friend are looking for a team to play ranked and maybe participate in competitions, we usually reach plat 3/ plat 2 but its hard to climb further as a duo.i had been playing r6 for a long time on ps4 so i have good map knowledge.i am willing to learn and try to fill other roles if needed.we are both 16 (nearing 17) and can communicate well.

i usually play support or flex
i usually play:doc/rook ,lesion, maestro and play hibana, maverick, jackal
you can check my stats here: https://r6tab.com/dce7aae8-a4e0-441f-9be1-5fcc5e7c055a

uplay: Brbr2002meh

my friend;
he is flex player or frager
he plays: bandit, vigil and thermite, jackal , ash
you can check his stats here: https://r6tab.com/d9ddaa99-adf1-44a7-b113-2ab64362624b

uplay: TheJesterMan.


  • tomdabomb69tomdabomb69 Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    wanna join pengs
  • ponzieeponziee Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    Hey message me on twitter FPSGOD5 and my uplay is Derekh55
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