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[NA][PC] (West Coast/Central) Team name: tbh

XhibitXhibit Member Posts: 2 Rookie
[NA][PC] (West Coast/Central) Team name: tbh

Looking for a 5th to fill a recently open spot on our team. We are a team of  adults that want to play and WIN. Ranked is daily but we are moving into the esl brackets and are looking very good at the moment. if you are interested please review the following requirements, feel free to send me a message about any questions you may have, find me @ xhibit.tbh on uplay

1. Age 18+ (mature, we are all 21+)
2. Highest rank at least plat+ In past seasons
3. MUST be able to give/take constructive criticism!!!!
4. Able to make good callouts and have a good/clear mic
5. Non-Toxic, we are not that type of team and will not tolerate it.
6. Have a sense of humor ;  )
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