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Looking for motivated and hard working team.

Royal.Royal. Member Posts: 4 Rookie
I am looking for a team focused on serious and systematic improvment of their skills at the High Competetive level.
- Player of National Esports League(Polish League)
- ESL go4/bombcups
Position: entry frager\roamer but I'm able to adapt and change my habits for the good of the team.
-almost every day in the evening
If you have any questions:
Nick uplay: Royal.V5
Profile: https://r6tab.com/9b433c0f-bfab-4a19-8a38-8ede6c59f7d2/ranks
I only expect serious proposals.


  • TriizTriiz Member Posts: 44 Rookie
    Do I have to be eu?
  • Royal.Royal. Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    What do u mean?
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