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Looking for a new team PS4

SynKenjiSynKenji Posts: 26Member Rookie
So Siege has been my life for 3 years now I’m 18 nearly 19 and I crave competition I have worked with GO4 teams as a coach and a player I’m passionate about gaming and looking for a new Organisation/team to really get more Competitive experience thanks for feedback


  • TheApexHumanTheApexHuman Posts: 9Member Rookie
    Hey I’ll join your team I am very competitive and want nothing but to win.
  • TheApexHumanTheApexHuman Posts: 9Member Rookie
    My psn is my username
  • TheApexHumanTheApexHuman Posts: 9Member Rookie
    Add me and msg me
  • SynKenjiSynKenji Posts: 26Member Rookie
    I will but my main rn is banned so once my account gets unbanned I’ll add u
  • fluffierclown90fluffierclown90 Posts: 10Member Rookie
    do you need a coach
  • MrBigBenn44MrBigBenn44 Posts: 15Member Rookie
    Hello, my name is MrBigBenn44. I am apart of team Nemesis on Rainbow Six Siege for PS4. We are currently looking for players to be apart of our secondary team which will also have the chance to compete in tournaments. You will have the opportunity to play with us in ranked as well of course however we need players to be able to scrim against in custom matches with ESL rules. If this is something you are interested in please feel free to message me on discord MrBigBenn44#1769 or message me on psn at Extreamkiller44. There are no requirements either. Thank you.
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