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Cynical eSports Recruiting 2 Main Team Players [C3-GC]

NytetimeNytetime Member Posts: 6 Rookie
edited February 2019 in Recruitment
We are Cynical eSports!
We are looking for players for our Rocket League team. We are currently looking for High C3- GC ranks only. Please do not contact us if you do not meet the following requirements.
-Currently or Previously a C3 rank or GC rank.
-Above the Age of 15
-On the Xbox Console
-:Plays in NA
(When the update rolls around in 2 days we will consider other platforms)
-Mature and experienced
-Not toxic and have leadership skills.
Thank you for reading, to have a chance in the team please contact me- the head of the main team-
@KilocityRL on instagram OR Kilocity on xbox!
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