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Fervor Mortem Esports looking for players

HypercrowHypercrow Member Posts: 2 Rookie
Hello, we are Fervor Mortem, we are an up and coming esports team looking for players to play in minor league. Entry for minor league is in a week of this posting currently we are looking for a front liner and support. We are a serious team and we are planning on joining the major league. So if you are a serious player and looking for a esports team leave a comment or send me a Discord friend request at HyperCrow#5210

- Must have a mic
- Must have game knowledge
- Must be over the age of 16. We can play with this rule a bit if you are not a squicker and you are mature.
- Rank, we do not care about rank. rank doesn't = skills


  • aooaaooa Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    اريد ان اكون معكم
  • Jonny.PeSJonny.PeS Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Ich bin 16 jahre alt und spiele Paladins schon seit der Beta 2016/17 habe aber in der zwischenzeit 1 Jahr pause gemacht.
    Ich kenne mich gut aus mit den einzelnen Champions habe auch schon einiges an Spielerfahrung gesammelt.
    Ich bin damage main spiele aber auch tank.
    Würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr euch bei mir meldet.
    villeicht können wir ja mal in diacord oder ts quatschen würde mich sehr freuen.
  • Twin VITwin VI Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hi, i'm 21 and me and my twinbrother are interested, we are from the Netherlands and have been very active since we strarted paladins (OB43).

    my current rank is plat I and mostly play tanks (nando, ash, torv, inara, term, atlas), but can also play support (jenos, damba and grover), Hybrid (pip and grohk damage/flank/heal) and damage (dredge, tyra). my brother is more flexing and plays seris, ying, furia, grover, makoa, khan, barik, ruckus, inara, lian, cassie, viktor and tyra. his current rank is gold II. 

    We like to hear more in discord
  • FoodBerryFoodBerry Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hello,I'm 14,and i'm interested for this team. I'm active player since ob25. Current rank is diamond 4. I'm a hybrid player,so it means i can play any role. Tanks(all of them),Flanks(Skye,Zhin,Moji,Lex),Damage(BombKing(my main),Tyra,Lian,Cassie,Kinessa,Pip,and Viktor),and Support(Mal'Damba,Grover,Seris,Jenos,Grohk and Ying). If u want to contact me,my email is [email protected] and discord is: Nemanja#2937. Thanks in advance,i'd like to hear your opinion if i'm good for your team or not.

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