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[EU] HellzKitten looking for competitive players

ValerbartsValerbarts Posts: 2Member One post wonder
Hello my name is Valerbarts.HK and i am the founder and leader of the HellzKitten team. We are an EU based team who is currently looking for new players with a competitive mindset and a will to become and pro. Currently we have a main lineup but it is struggling sometimes to have all the members online so we are looking for players who be a part of the main lineup and would play with us or even replace main lineup members.

Requirements for joining the team:
1. Must be 17+ years old
2. Must be dedicated to playing
3. Must have a really good map knowledge
4. Must be comfortable playing the roles we assign
5. Must be Gold 1 or above
6. Must do coms 

Also i should mention that the people who join must be ready to scrimm multiple times of the week and compete with us in ESL tournaments. 

If you are intrested add me on discord: Valerbarts#4681 or pm me here.

Members will need to go through a trial before becoming members.

Thanks for reading, see you in a bit.


  • TikkziXTikkziX Posts: 12Member Rookie 

    playing almost everday 4-8 hours a day 

    dc: tikkzi#2552
  • TikkziXTikkziX Posts: 12Member Rookie
    sry dc is tikkzix#2552
  • tot_manntot_mann Posts: 31Member Rookie
    Ø  What role you are interested in? any role

    Ø  What is your username? tot_mann_gehen

    Ø  What are your mains? dont have one i pick one depending on what the team needs or helps

    Ø  When did you start playing Siege? since alpha

    Ø  How old are you? 21

    Ø  What is your current rank?  plat 2

    Ø What is your prior experience? some

    Ø  Why do you want to join a team? to play rainbow at its highest level

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