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Team Aggro!!

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Hey Guys! We are a new team that is looking for people interested in participating in a serious R6 competitive team. We will be competing in Go4 tournaments as well as ESL hosted ones. We are looking for players that can handle themselves well in a competitive environment as well as remaining cool under stressful situations, we also need people with talent and desire to move forward a professional R6 career. We will need a roster with about 10 people in the main team and a secondary team for replacements. We will be running scrims and designing strats and improve those strats based on how they turn out. We will be having weekly practices which means its necessary to have an open schedule to be able to participate in a majority of these. Being in the secondary team doesn't mean you won't participate it just meant that your skill was not up to standard but we see a potential for improvement and possibly making it into the main roster.


Main team:
        Entry Fragger 

All positions are empty for the secondary team

We will be hosting tryouts at an undetermined time.


Must have a professional attitude and one which is prepared for criticism

Must be around the age of 18 but not exclusively

Rank must be presentable with decent stats (nothing lower than silver) 

Hit me up on Discord if Interested!
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