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Tryouts For Team Desperado

Name: Team Desperado
Region: NA
Played on: PC
Age: 16+ (18 would work better)
Rank: Gold 1+
Language: English
What we are looking for: We need a player that is able to play mostly every day, and we hope that no one is toxic, work hard and try there best, we are trying to make the next IGL Season and do pretty good in some ESL tournaments!
Interested?: If you are interested then, please fill out the stuff underneath

Uplay Name:
Discord Name:
Current Rank:
Highest Rank:
Country and Time Zone:
What role you play:
Competitive Experience:
Why we should let you have a tryout:


  • GinGin Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    Uplay Name: owar1.da
    Discord Name: Gin#8114
    Current Rank: Gold III but it dont matter 
    Highest Rank: Plat II? 
    Country and Time Zone: United States , EST/EDT
    Availability: Mon-Fri 5pm - 12am EST
    What role you play: Honestly not even sure anymore, but I could do soft breach, hard breach, anchor is my strong suit for defense/ Not a good shield player tbh
    Competitive Experience: Used to play on 3 teams for r6 last year, Ethereal Warriors, Team Midus, and Team Synical / I have cs esea experience, and mythic league but thats counter strike not r6s.
    Why we should let you have a tryout: I am one who seeks games for competitiveness not to win, there is a difference. When a team plays for competitiveness they dont look at if they lost or not, they look at if it was a good game/close game or not. If the team lost but still had a close game, then there is much improvement further seeked, rather than just playing to win and then getting mad at each other for why they lost a certain round.
  • VPR x RecoilVPR x Recoil Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    Discord Name: RecoilMonkey242#4535
    Curent Rank: Plat 2
    Highest Rank: Plat 2
    Country and Time Zone: USA, PST
    Availability: Mon-Sat 12pm-5:30pm
    What role do you play: Anything needed/Decent shield player when having comms and players with me
    Comp Exp: Was apart of Team ExTinction for R6
    Why Should We Let You Tryout: Well I've been aspiring to get a more consistent presence in the comp scene and feel as though that through always looking to improve my game from the best I have become a good player. I am very competitive and I am a great team player w/ callouts and devoted to chemistry withing a team. I know what it takes to win games and am willing to do it.
  • VPR x RecoilVPR x Recoil Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    For RecoilMonkey_242
    Age: 18

  • OnyxRFOnyxRF Member Posts: 4 Rookie

    Uplay: Already.OnyxRF

    Age: 20

    Roles: Comfortable as an Anchor and a Utility, but can play most of the operator 

    ATK OPS: Prefered Capitao, Thatcher, Thermite, Nomad, Jackal, etc. 

    DEF OPS: Prefered Doc, Rook, Maestro, Jager, etc. 

    Rank: Plat 3

    Time Zone: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (GMT+7), I'm available almost everyday at some point, just give me a time.

    Discord: OnyxRF#3690

    I have 1700+ hours on R6, but only on the last 2 season I started seriously on playing ranked mode. I have 2 comp experience as the time I write this, both are community cup. In which the 1st cup, me and my team managed to get a 4th place. I am willing to learn and improve together as a team, and also open to critics given to me. I am interested in joining a pro league scene because it’s my lifelong dream and gaming is my passion, that's why I am very interested in joining your team. For more information please contact me through discord. Thanks~

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