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Insanity eSports

Insanity_NeptusInsanity_Neptus Posts: 4Member Rookie

Team Insanity Esports PS4

We are a Rainbow Six/ Fortnite team. We need two more for our siege team and will hold tryouts next weekend, Feb. 15-17.  5v5 matches will be played to determine who will make the team to start and to sub. We will Play casual just to hit level 20. From there we will play ranked or custom.

For siege, we would like people who give out good callouts and are not toxic and rage quit all the time.

Our team is currently made up of a Platnuim and a gold 2. We are making my gold 2 a second account because he misspelled Insanity. We will compete in tournaments and then maybe expand our team to more than 2 games. We are looking to spread to CoD by next year and maybe other fps/Battle Royale games like Apex Legends if it gets big enough.

For fortnite, you will 1v1 everybody until you hit the leader. Once you beat him and join the team and the owner will decide who to kick from the team.

Hit me up on Discord @mightytacoyt

PSN: Insanity_Neptus. P.S. My picture is an emoji btw.


  • GlNOx-GlNOx- Posts: 19Member Rookie
    Hey I'm diamond and so is my friend were both diamond fraggers can play support aswell. My main ops are ash, twitch and ying on def It's jäger, bandit and ela. If your intrested message me on psn 'mellegino'
  • Csongor10Csongor10 Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Sent: Thu 3 Jan 2019, 12:30 AM CET
    Hi my name is CS!
     I have so much experience in competitive siege. I played on ESL and on GO4s as well.
    About me: I'm 18 years old Hungarian player. I can play every operator my role is usually fragger so I can play Aggresive roles really a good English speaker and I think I have a good gamesense and map a highly competitive player and I always want to win.i m plat for 4 straight seasons now. If you re interested my ps I'd:csongorka 
    I hope I can try out for your team

  • Insanity_NeptusInsanity_Neptus Posts: 4Member Rookie
    sorry for not replying, I have been busy. My rank has dropped drastically to Copper 4 due to ranked with randoms. Msg me PSN: Hanzo2314 when you can tryout
  • Insanity_NeptusInsanity_Neptus Posts: 4Member Rookie
    or Insanity_Neptus
  • EliteAvalancheEliteAvalanche Posts: 3Member Rookie
    im in gold 4 but i play against plats and i try to be a team player and i can do Flex plays

    PSN: EliteAvalanche_
    Discord: MysticTurtles#8496
  • EliteAvalancheEliteAvalanche Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Hey instanity neptus has never hit gold on siege in his life. There highest in most seasons is bronze 2 or 3 there was 1 season where he hit silver 3 but never hit it again. You can't blame that on randoms.

    If you wanna complain how I know this friend EliteAvalanche_ on PS4
  • TheApexHumanTheApexHuman Posts: 9Member Rookie
    I can tryout I am play 2 when will the tryouts be ? Message me.
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