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Razor (RzR) Esports [RL NA TEAM] LF3 + CAPTAIN

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Razor (RzR) Esports 

Our organization currently runs and manages fully developed teams for Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege & CS:GO - We've participated and won in multiple tournaments for money to fund community tournaments for prizes that anyone can participate in.

➤ We've just expanded to Rocket League and are seeking 3 potential players for our active competitive roster as well as a possible captain to run and manage the team 

Active Roster  [Plays in tournaments/practices and represents Razor Esports RL competitive team]


-NA [PC]
-Champion 2+ [Current season]
-Flexible Schedule [Be active]

CAPTAIN  [Runs and manages the RL competitive team [May also list themselves in the active roster] - Evaluates players/Recruits players/Makes changes to the active roster - Represents Razor Esports]

-NA [PC]
-Champion 2+ [Current season]
-Familiar with the RL competitive scene and 3rd party organizations to find tournaments for the active roster
-Must be VERY active to help tryout and recruit players 
-Must be VERY active if the active roster is complete to arrange practices with the players and help them join tournaments [Even if you put yourself in the active roster] 

If interested DM @Bliss#5447 on Discord

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