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ANYONE INTERESTED IN MAKING LOGOS?? | Need help with logo for Hidden Society.

GrayTigerGrayTiger Member Posts: 38 Rookie
Hidden Society is a new R6 Comp team. We have created a logo, but are interested in different styles, colors, and seeing what could be possible from someone with more skill than we have. I created this logo pretty quickly in Adobe Illustrator, but know that their is a lot more that can be done with it. If anyone is interested in being a team artist that would be gladly welcome, or if you just enjoy making logos, than you can mess around with ours. I realize this is a lot to ask with no pay or anything. Just curios if anyone would enjoy doing this, and if so we would greatly appreciate it.

Feel free to change the logo in any way you think would be interesting. I am interested in seeing something with a lot of blue tones that are similar but still different enough to see the change, something like Rouges logo in terms of color. If it helps our team tag is .HDN, and the S stands for Society in the current logo.

Here is the current logo.
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