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MINKZ is looking for: one 1650+ GC (Team 1) / two 1500+ players (team 2) / one 1400+ player (team 3)

ChrisHChrisH Member Posts: 4 Rookie
We are MINKZ. A small and well organized community.

As in conventional sports, talents don't just appear out of nowhere, they are usually scouted and promoted. That's exactly what we do.

Do you want to get involved in a team and continuously improve? Commitment and performance?

With us you get the chance to play with our "high GCs" from time to time and exchange ideas, learn tactics and improve your gameplay.

We are currently working on creating a financial basis for professionals that also includes a permanent trainer and contacts to RLCS players.

We are looking for:

- players @

1650+ MMR (one slot left in team 1)

1500+ MMR (two slots left in team 2)

1400+ MMR (one slot left in team 3)

- people with ambitions to become a pro

- mindset: give 110%, get 100%. Professional cooperation can only work if everyone pays in more commitment than they take out.

- mental maturity

- age isn't as important as respect and the ability to give and reveive criticism.

Please contact us via Steam directly:

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