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[NA] [CHAMP 2-3] [PC] LFT or Teammates for regular tournaments

SplitSplit Member Posts: 1 Visitor
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Hey all.

I'm a C2-C3 player in 3's, C3-GC player in doubles, looking for a couple teammates to build my own team or looking for an empty slot in a roster. My 3's rank is a bit lower at the moment from playing with my lower friends, but I see myself as easily a C3-GC player in 3's - I just prefer not to solo queue so I haven't grinded that yet. I play daily, and I'm mostly available to play in tournaments, hoping to grind for the next month in prep for RLRS qualifiers, but I'm also interested in just playing any available tournaments and getting into the more competitive RL scene.

I play a highly defensive rotation, so having two aggressive players on my team would be beneficial. I am competent to pass and strike as well, though. I prefer players who are 18+ and can communicate over discord. If you're interested in joining my team, or picking me up to join your team, add me:



  • TqG RioTTqG RioT Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    Hey I'm a champ 2 on 3s and 2s and really close to C3 and I'm on Xbox and I'll like to see if we can play some matches and practice to see if can play good and become a tm in a future for big tournaments
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