Beware of Ditkadevil

psykomantis2003psykomantis2003 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
This user will get his butt whooped and quit, but he takes a screenshot in 2nd quarter and uploads it and says he won!!!!  I hit X on my controller after he quit and it exited the game so I couldn' take a screenshot.  Of course admin sided with him because he posted a bogus screenshot lmao.  


  • LjayESLLjayESL GermanyPosts: 234Member, ESL Staff, Global Moderator, Global Staff Head, Staff Head ✭✭
    Hello psykomantis2003

    if you need Help in a Tournament, please open a Protest or Support Ticket. 

    best regards,
    Ljay1894, ESL Admin
  • SKUPE-JRSKUPE-JR Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    FYI Anyone else who reads this.Use the SHARE button to save a video if this happens to u. Ps4 defaults to recording the last 15mins of screenplay automatically .Then u can play the saved video and screenshot.
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