C3/Low GC looking for a team tryout

GondoGondo Posts: 2Member Rookie
edited January 2019 in Recruitment
Hello, my in game name is Gondo my first name is Adam and I am 18yo. I started playing RL on Xbox at the very beginning of S6 and switched to PC before the end of S8. I hit GC this season for the first time (In 3s). Consistently I am a mid to high C3.
I Have my GC Season rewards and am now just focusing on getting better. Rotations/Positioning, Smarter hits, Team plays, Solo plays, Demos, Etc. I've played 6mans off and on ever since I hit D3 but have not participated in any tournaments or been apart of any teams yet. What I am looking for is a C3 to low GC team tryout. I can be online and available for any practices or questions given its not to early or something comes up out of the blue. My region is NAe.

Looking forward to finding a team, Gondo.
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