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PrimiTive.AVGPrimiTive.AVG Posts: 1Member One post wonder
We are an ESL team looking for rainbow six siege players (expierenced). If you have the time and are willing to join the team please let me know. In need of members!


  • Recruit_NeptusRecruit_Neptus Posts: 8Member Rookie
    How many
  • The_Batman_1031The_Batman_1031 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    I’m interested in joining. Psn is the_batman_1031
  • xxBlazingshotxxBlazingshot Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I’m pretty decent at the game I’m able to listen to call outs give them and take the work my psn is xxBlazingshot
  • TheStarchild02TheStarchild02 Posts: 4Member Rookie
    I'll try out. PSN:Starchild02
  • Th3sni36Th3sni36 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I’m interested in joining my psn is :Th3_Sniper6300
  • x_xWoofx_xx_xWoofx_x Posts: 6Member Rookie
    I'm interested, I'm a gold 1/Plat 3, it varies, anyway I would like to tryouts, my username on psn is x_xwoofx_x
  • Socram_10Socram_10 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I'd like to join my psn is Socram_10im a plat
  • Ashtin50920Ashtin50920 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    I would like to try out for your clan I play ps4 i have lots a strategies and know the game very well hopefully you’ll see this and text back
  • Ashtin50920Ashtin50920 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Psn Ashtin50920
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