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Irrelevant eSports is looking for gamers and members!!! :D

ejap18ejap18 Member Posts: 7 Rookie
Hello :) Irrelevant eSports is friendly new org that is looking for players to join our teams! We have Rocket League and fortnite teams atm and we need few more people to join them :) We want to help our players improve and also have fun while playing the game :D We dont allow toxic behavior towards others so as long as u respect that feel free to join :) Feel free to suggest a new team also if u want to be part of the org :D

Rocket league teams:
Irrelevant eSports: GC 1600mmr (LF main player)
Purple: C3/GC (Full)
Black: C3 (Full)
Sky Blue: C2/C3 (Lf 3 main players and 1 sub)
Pink: C2/C3 (Full)
Cobalt: C2 (Full)
Crimson: C1 (Full)
Forest green: C1 (LF 3 main players and 1 sub)
Saffron: Dia1/Dia3 (Lf 1 sub)

Fortnite teams: ILV fortnite PC EU: LF 3 players
ILV fortnite console EU: LF 3 players
ILV fortnite academy PC NA: LF 3 players
ILV Fortnite PC NA East: LF 2 players
ILV Fortnite PC NA West: Full
ILV Fortnite Console NA: LF 3 players
ILV fortnite academy console: LF 2 players

If you are interested feel free to join our server and try out for our teams or just ask people to play with you and get to know people
If you have questions feel free to add me on steam and we can talk or we can also talk on discord ^^ Thank you for reading!
Discord server: https://discord.gg/MXFMSZj
Owner & Co-owner discord: Ejap18#0866 & Nyptrox#6108


  • Pre-KPre-K Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    Interested discord @Pre-K#8406
  • BenjiBenji Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Benji4017#8810. I’m c2 highest rank is C3
  • ZxiZxi Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    I'm interested. My discord is Ze#1178
    I'm currently only diamond 2 in ranked as I haven't been on a grind or anything lately. Mainly been playing casual to practice more. But when I do play comp I've been consistently beating champs 2/3 and get told I should be up there. If that helps at all aha
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