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Looking for players to create a challenger league team

CarlisleCarlisle Posts: 20Member Rookie

What’s up, my name’s Alex, on R6 I go by Carlisle. We are looking for potential players to play in ESL tournaments as well as challenger league tournaments and potentially make a run at Pro League down the road. We are looking for passionate players who not only can perform well under high pressure situations, but who also believe highly in their abilities to compete at a very high level. We are looking for players who are in the platinum rank or higher and will give high quality call outs to the best of their abilities.  Feel free to message me back on here to discuss further information on this topic or leave a comment and I will get back to you shortly. If you would like to talk about this live, feel free to send me your discord name and I will add you back so we can further discuss this. Thanks for your time!

Primary Roster: To fill out the remaining spots on our starting roster, we are looking for individuals who have high fragging potential, and players who have extensive knowledge of callouts and communication skills. We are essentially looking for a secondary IGL to the already primary that we have, as well as a secondary fragger to follow through with these callouts. If you fit either of these categories, and/or believe that the playstyle that you perform under can benefit us in any way, by all means feel free to try out! 

Coaches: If you do happen to be a coach, or know someone who may be interested in pursuing this, we are open to accepting applications for this as well, again, feel free to direct message me on this with any further details regarding it. 

Alternates: If you do not meet our standards for our primary roster, we are open to developing a secondary roster which can grow with us through scrimmaging and learning the ropes behind what it will take to perform at the next level. We will always be practicing, whether it be through ranked team coms, or through scrimming with opposing teams. This, in the long run will better prepare you as a player to step up to the plate when you are asked upon to do so down the road. 

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their schedules to read over this, and we at Instinct Gaming, hope to be in contact with you very shortly. 


·         Must  be 18 or older for starters and alternates

·         Must be comfortable playing in the high plat to diamond range

·         Must have high tier map knowledge

·         Must have and use the mic at all times

.         Must be able to show up to practices or scrims and remain for the full duration (1 absent allowed, or otherwise notify an original member of the team ahead of time)

note: if you fail to meet these requirements you'll be asked to step down from the team and remain a sub or leave


   FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION (put in comments):


Discord Name:

Current Rank:

Highest Achieved Rank:


Reason for wanting to join:

Are you interested/willing to do tournaments later on down the road:

Do you meet all the guidelines? If no then why?:


Do you have experience with tournament play:

If yes to above question, on what game and give some background:

-Alex (Carlisle)


  • AeriaI.AeriaI. Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Aerial. * the L is a cap i
    Gold 3 but haven't been playing much on my main and get plat most seasons these days
    Plat 3
    17 years. 18 in September (trying to get headstart)
    I play so much more than anyone I play with and I would like to be playing the game for a reason other than a rank.
    I would be interested in tournaments
    I'm not 18 but I want to be in the scene and have those connections when the time comes.
    Luke (Aerial.)
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