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How can I contact admin for

Siegrune EternalSiegrune Eternal Posts: 1Member One post wonder
edited April 16 in Europe
This Tournament is so unfair, the bracket changed without confirmation, we are the winning team, but the bracket change and cause lose to us.
We already submit a protest but didnt got responded. And then we lose this winable tournament because UNFAIRNESS


  • LjayESLLjayESL GermanyPosts: 222Member, ESL Staff, Global Moderator, Global Staff Head, Staff Head ✭✭
    Hello @Siegrune Eternal

    please just open a Support Ticket.

    best regards.
  • GODFlokyGODFloky Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    Hello there! Can u please help me to understand why your game have crushed in a middle of fight, and why u take from me credibility points when it’s your game folt???
  • GODFlokyGODFloky Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    Can u please sort this out for?Thanck you!
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