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Gaming team to esport

SG IcepantherSG Icepanther Member Posts: 2 Rookie
we are currently looking for players for are team. We are called spiffy Gaming. If you would like to join it is on xbox My gamertag is CG Icepanther. You have to be at platnum. We are also trying to get picked up by esport team so if you would like to convert us we are looking to join esport. we have one community tournments. This is for NA onley. Email me [email protected] we want to make a run to rlcs.


  • lolman2333lolman2333 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Are you guys still looking for a player if so I would like to try out
  • S0LARS0LAR Member Posts: 25 Rookie
    I am willing to join I am d1 with esl experience
  • S0LARS0LAR Member Posts: 25 Rookie
    My xbox name is itsPaintime
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