Dedicated Player That Sees Him Self As A Pro In Future [C3] [LFT/ORG]

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Hello all visitors!

It is very hard to find a team of your dreams and I thought why not post this so that maybe some one can notice me and would like to try me out.

About Me:
My name is Adrian, I live in the UK for nearly 15 years. I'm from Poland, i'm 18 years old. I see my self as a really competitive player that can succeed at my favourite game called Rocket League. I work full-time in a designer clothing and shoe store.

Basic Information:

Name: Adrian
In Game Name: Enigma
Age: 18
Background: Poland
Place of Residence: England, London
Rank: C3
Hours: 2100h 
Experience: Been in couple of teams/orgs and also tried making my own team.
Teams That I've been in: OTL, Godalions, Divine, DI, Eclipse and more.

Basic Requirements That I'm Looking For:

Want to succeed and train to progress  
Nothing limits me.


Discord: Enigma✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#5604
All propositions are welcome !
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