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Zink E sports recruiting

MaSaCaReMaSaCaRe Member Posts: 24 Rookie
About the team:

Hi there Zink E Sports is a newly fiormed e Sports team who are looking for EU players that want to compete in the Open ladder/Go4 tournaments/Scrims and anything else we can join.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for players 17+ to join the team, Rank didn’t mean anything only you can commit and can work well in a team, we also need people who can communicate well in stressful situations,

How to get in touch:

You can either privet message me here or on Xbox live, I won’t be on till later to night as I’m returning from a few days break, my GT is TheHalfArmGamer

We can discuss player positions when we have a full squad.


  • GMoneyGMoney Member Posts: 10 Rookie
     FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION (put in comments):

    UPlay: Gmoney-AE

    Discord Name: FullTimeGmoney#7514

    Current Rank: Gold 1

    Highest Achieved Rank:
     Gold 1 


    Reason for wanting to join: Ive been solo queueing since the beginning of the last season after my old team fell apart and ive been working  my confidence back up to get back into the tournament stage. All I need is a chance to show what I have to show. My ranked is a lower then normal tournament players but I assure you I can play at that level. Thank you for allowing to apply and I hope to hear back soon 

    Are you interested/willing to do tournaments later on down the road: Hell Yeah!

    Do you meet all the guidelines? If no then why?: Rank - Its a little lower but I just need to prove myself


    Do you have experience with tournament play: Yes

    If yes to above question, on what game and give some background:

    Rainbow Six, I played with a team called Andromeda Gaming/Imperium Gaming for 6 months in ESL Tournaments 

  • Anim3Tiddi3z-_-Anim3Tiddi3z-_- Member Posts: 9 Rookie
    edited February 21
    UPlay: GAW.

    Discord Name: 𝖈𝖗𝖚𝖊𝖑#9279

    Current Rank: plat 3

    Reason for wanting to join: wanting to improve and get back into the comp scene

    Highest Achieved Rank:
    plat 2 this season

    Do you have experience with tournament play: Yes, multiple go4's, bomb cup,vanilla cup
    owned a team with two different rosters and played on many teams
  • mi1la2nmi1la2n Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    uplay mi1la2n

    discord name mi1la2n#7626

    current rank non dont have anyone to play ranked with so i dont have a rank 

    i want to join because i want to get better and i want to make this as my job 

    age 19 live in the netherlands 

    highest rank was on ps4 plat 2 butt im now on pc 

    i dont have experience with tournements 

  • CrstsCrsts Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    UPlay- Gold3n_Goat_420
    Discord name- Crsts#0077
    Current Rank- Plat 3
    Highest Rank- Diamond
    Age- 15
    I want to join because i’m tired of solo/duo queuing ever since i sold my main account
    Tourneys- Hell yeah
    I’m 15 not 17 .. that’s the only requirement i don’t meet but i’m not a squeaker .. i sound older & i can handle stressful situations
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