[EU][PC] LFT, 18+, aiming for CL / PL.

Grumpy_MoGrumpy_Mo Posts: 6Member Rookie
Looking for serious team, 18+, with high goals / aims to reach CL / PL.
T3 Team would be nice, but don't know if I can ask for that.

Uplay: Grumpy_Mo.-
Age: 28
From: Germany
Language(s): English, German
Level: 342
Highest Rank: Plat 1
Roles: Flex
R6Tab: https://r6tab.com/3ae9183f-9680-4e84-828a-be5d6db1ca8f/operators

- Playing since Beta.
- Was playing for and trying to build a team for about 1 1/2 years. We went through lots of roster changes and never quite made it to play constantly with a 5 stack.
- I'm patient and loyal, but I'm also not getting younger.
- Due to recent team splitting up again and the remaining teamcaptain not having much time for playing I left the team.
- Comp Experience: Had a couple of scrims and was playing a bit of FaceIt recently. I know it's not much.
- I know my rank doesn't look that impressive but I never soloQ and don't know enough people to queue as 5 stack very often.
- I'm always free.
- LF a team that wants to scrim / practice up to 6 times a week. 4 times is the minimum. 5-6 times + tournaments at weekend is prefered.
- Players should be mature. I don't have time for ranked heros, toxicity and rage quitting.
- I'm always looking forward to learn more and become better.
- Though i'm mostly a flex player i got told that I'm also a very good fragger. IMO comes down to who is in the team. See for yourself what you want to use me for.
- Even though I don't really main something I enjoy "abusing" the vertical play as buck and sledge or alternatively any other soft breacher.
- Main flaws: I tend to play very slow and secure and sometimes having trouble keeping track of everthing thats going on. So, I'm most likely not going to be the IGL. And as previously mentioned I'm lacking first hand competitive experience though I still have a good amount of knowledge.
- For example: I'm always learning the new maps on TTS with room names, possible vertical angles and more. That kind of dedication is what I want to see from everybody!

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