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So you are looking for a Team ?

siles2004siles2004 Posts: 2Member Rookie
Hey there! So you are looking for a team ?
Maybe you want to rank up and play serious and competitive or just to play chill with amazing players and have fun ?

I'm offering you the opportunity to join my Rocket League Division where we help each other grow up, rank up faster, reach new heights in your game style and also have fun together, do not forget that. Those who reach champion, we're offering them the chance to form a premade team and sign up for tournaments! 
I'm the Division Commander of this Rocket League Division and I'm always looking for players that are:

• Above 15 years old
• More than 100+ hours played
• Mature enough to be taken seriously

We are 125 members in the division currently and almost 2000 members in the whole community.
Every Rank is accepted and every country is accepted, although I am looking for EU players.
If you want to get a bit of a hint already watch this Video 

The benefits of this team:
• Daily Training's
• Casual Events & Social/Fun Events everyday across the community
• Late Night laugh & chat
• Organised tournaments with prize-pools, internal and external from the community
• Active members to play with and share moments and games
• Youtube & Twitch channel for those interested in creating content
• A strong united team as a family!
• Achievements, for all you achievement hunters out there 

Feel free to add me on:

Steam (siles2004) --> No I am not born 2004  Nickname created in 2004  

for more information on "how to join"

Hope to hear you soon!

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