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Paladins PC Europe

inhibitinhibit Posts: 2Member Rookie
Looking for team or individuals who are interested in playing online tournaments.

I know basic English, i use discord/teamspeak, im over 18yrs, 600h+ on steam, im able to play different champions at different variations. 

*champions i can play* 
Dmg * Lian, Cassie, Drogoz, Strix, Tyra, Viktor, Willo
Flank * Buck, Androxus, Skye, Talus
Front * Barik, Inara, Khan, Makoa
Support  Grohk, Pip

*Champions i work on playin*
Dredge Evie, BK, Koga, Mal Damba, Seris, Sha Lin, Ying, Zhin

Rank 5,032 - Top 0.23%
Rank 5,317 - Top 0.24% (By Wins)
15,779 / 10,058 / 17,264 (2.43)
Rank 4,387 - Top 0.20% (By Kills)
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