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The New Official Rocket League Scrim Discord!

CoachenCoachen Member Posts: 2 Visitor
I have tried to play the Rocket league 3v3 ladder but never been able to find a match so i was wondering, Where can i find the scrims me and my team can play? Couldnt find it anywhere so i decided to spend some of my freetime to make an Rocket League Scrim Discord that is are up and running now.

So what can you do on this Discord?
Well, You can search for the last player to your team or just put yourself out there and let the teams find you! You will be able to find Scrims so you dont have to spend hours in the ladder to find a match and the best of all? You dont have to play the 3v3team and HOPE that u will play against a full team. Send out your stream and let people know that you are live. Send in some cool or funny clips that happend to you or your team mate maybe?

But anyway, Here is the new Rocket league Scrim Discord and let us grow together and make Rocket league bigger than ever!



  • KanovaKanova Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    the link is expired can i get a new link ?

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